Transcribe the Scriptures

One of the ways we can hide the Word of God in our hearts is by transcribing it, that is, by simply hand copying selected passages.


Hand copying forces us to go slowly and allows time for the beauty and message of the Word to settle into our hearts. It allows us to meditate on the Word as we transcribe.

If you keep a spiritual journal, include transcription in your journal. Transcribing the Scripture is a great way to begin your thinking about what God is saying to you.

Passages you could transcribe as you read Matthew:

Matthew 5:1-10
The Beatitudes wonderfully captures the heart of a man or woman who lives as a citizen of the upside down kingdom. They are gems that draw us back again and again to meditate on their meaning to us. They are also worthy of being memorized.

Psalm 118

     This Psalm relates to Matthew chapter 21. It is the place where we see "hosanna" used in the way the people who welcomed Jesus to Jerusalem were using it: "O Lord, save us." And it pictures the scene in Matthew 21 as the people waved palm branches in celebration of the Messiah's arrival at Jerusalem.
     The Psalm also includes the words Jesus spoke to the priests and teachers regarding the stone the builders rejected.

Psalm 22
     This Psalm relates to Matthew chapter 27. It is a detailed description written hundreds of years in advance of the crucifixion.