Photographing Winter

Think snow. Think ice and icicles. Think winter. But winter is more than ice and snow. It is family get-togethers. It is Christmas dinner. It is Christmas gifts and opening them. It is Christmas break and skiing and sledding. It is vacations home for many of our international students.

Here are some photos Jinny took last year of her vacation back to Vietnam.
      Vietnam winter  Jinny Vietnam

                                The photos above come from Makayla's photo book of her vaction trip at Christmas.
                                 (Makayla took many more and many that included her family at the beach house.)
Indian Christmas
                       Here an Indian family celebrates as part of their Christian Indian tradition.

A video to remind you about the story plot and the pacing of the photos in a photo story.

Here's a website with greats tips for making a good photo story. Plan and shoot a photo story.

If you are going to take snow pictures, this video will help you get the best.

This Project asks you to capture the winter season in a series of photos that tell a story or develop a theme. Use all the skills you have acquired in composition, point of view and lighting. Make these good photos.

Limit your focus to an event such as your family Christmas. Or to a trip to the mountains skiing. Or to the the beauty of a deep snow (if we have one). Or to nature at winter time. Or to a special aspect of winter that you really enjoy.

Tell a story in picture, if your focus is an event. A picture story has a beginning middle and end just like any other story. It also has pacing. That means you will take some pictures that are close up, some that are medium distance and some that include a larger scene. Makayla's pictures above come from her story of a vacation to the beach.

You should complete that story by creating a photo collage of at least 6 pictures (more are better). Or by creating a photo book as Makayla did. (See Walmart or Walgreens for the service they provide in making photo books. ) Or by creating a slide show to share with the class.

Upload the best of the photos you take to your Flickr  site and put in an album.

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