Wide Angle Photography

There are a bunch of videos that can inspire you to use your wide angle lens.Here's one to get you started.
Here's another one. I like this guy.

And one more.

Read several of the web sites that teach about using a wide angle lens.

This project asks that you experiment with the affects a wide-angle lens can produce. But be creative. The pictures you take should not simply demonstrate the ability of a wide-angle lens but be good, well composed, and interesting photos.

One series of pictures should be a landscapes or cityscapes picture in which you use the great depth of field of the wide-angle lens to keep the whole picture in sharp focus.

One picture should use the "distortion effect" of the wide-angle lens that makes things very close seem out of proportion to the rest of the scene. One series of pictures should use the wide view of a wide-angle lens to capture a scene in a confined space where no other lens will give you the whole picture.

One series of pictures should use the perspective effects of the wide-angle lens to create a sense of distance between the near and the far elements in your picture.

One series of pictures should show how a wide-angle lens to emphasize converging lines in the scene.

One series of pictures should illustrate the feeling of being a close part of the scene rather than a distand observe. To be able to compare, take the same scene with a telephoto lens. Upload the best picture from each series to Flickr. Explain in the "description box" what effect each pictures ins intended to illustrate.

Those should be good pictures, not just quickie snaps. It will take more than a dozen pictures to get the best shot you can of the subject.

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