This is easy and fun.

And, no, it doesn't take all this equipment. 

You can use an online editor and make a movie from still pictures, video clips, or a mixture of booth. And you can do it in minutes. WOW! This is cool.

Video editing
Everybody with a camera phone has probably tried out the video feature. We collect fun video clips. But we usually do not create a video with a narrative. When I first began to explore the video feature on my camera, I grabbed clips from my experience in India a few years. ago. But I had no experience in editing. So I gave the clips to my grandson who was then a freshman in high school but who had been doing so creative videos with his friends. He put together this one for me and added some great Indian background music. A ride through Saket in New Delhi

In this case I used Vimeo to make the video public, but you  can use YouTube or even post the video on your Flickr page.
This video from last year's spiritual emphasis day is on YouTube. In this case I used the video editor on my old Windows 7 computer. That is not available on news Windows 10. But you can find a video editor online. One simple editor that can be used for free is Kizoa. Upgraded version can be purchased if this project gets you turned on to video.

One of the  students in  the Photography class did a fantastic video of the same event.

So, here's where you begin. Begin by thinking as a story teller and as a photographer. What do I mean?

A video is a story. It has a beginning, middle and an end. The video clips you include in any movie needs to follow the same principles you learned when you did the "How to Make It" slide show.

A video also depends on the same fundamentals as a still picture: composition, a variety of camera angles, and lighting. Each clip you use should be as carefully planned as any of your still pictures. But there is a difference. In a video one clips should not stand out as the star. The clips should work together as they did in the "How to Make It Slide show.
Here's a great short explanation on how to create a video story.

You can find it online at

Or you can view and download the PDF at The Power of Story

The project at this point is to make a short video of something like the "Haw to Make It" series you did for the earlier slide show.This will be practice in taking videos and editing.

The video should begin with an establishing shot. But since this is a video rather than a still picture, you can move the camera and either move closer to the individual things used in the Make-it project or move around the things. You can either talk about the Make-it project as you are filming or add the commentary in  the editing.

The middle of the story should include the steps need to make it so do it. Remember this is a video. So film the action of each step. You can move the camera in  these clips as well.

The end of the story is the use of the think that you explained how to make or the skill you've explained how to do.

Make the clips longer than they need to be. You can shorten them in the editing.

Finally, use a video editor to put the clips together and add your explanations (if you haven't do this in the filming).

Upload this video to Flickr.

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