These Things I Believe


I believe there is one God,eternal and existing in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I believe that God created and sustains all things, both in heaven and earth. 


Jesus Christ:

I believe God the Son took on the form of man and was born into this world as Jesus, the Son of Man, that he might be the Savior of men.

I believe Jesus was born without a sin nature yet as a man was tempted as we are tempted, yet he was without sin.

I believe Jesus died on the cross in our place making forgiveness and salvation available to all who trust in him.

I believe that Jesus rose from the grave in a new resurrection body demonstrating that his death was accepted by the Father as payment for sin.

I believe that Jesus ascended to heaven and will return from heaven at the end of the age.

I believe Jesus as both God the Son and the Son of Man will reign forever in the new heavens and earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


Holy Spirit:

I believe the Holy Spirit has always been active in the world but becomes personally represent in the lives of all who put their trust in Jesus as Savior.

I believe the Holy Spirit makes it possible for those who trust in Jesus to live godly lives.

I believe the Holy Spirit keeps unto eternal salvation all of those who put their trust in Jesus.



The Scriptures:

I believe that the 66 books that make up the Bible are Godís Word.

I believe the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit and is vital to all who wish to learn of God and live lives according to his will.



I believe that man was created in the image of God and as Godís highest creation.

I believe that by Adamís sin all mankind sinned and all men are now born with a bent toward rebellion and sin and, in fact do sin.

I believe our sin alienates us from God and only by Godís mercy and forgiveness in Jesus the Son are we forgiven and restored to the relationship with God that was and is Godís design.

I believe man was created as spirit, soul, and body and that men are created as eternal beings. Every man and women will live either in union with God or suffer exclusion from God forever.

I believe all men and women will be raised bodily to receive their rewards or judgment according to their faith and their works.


The Church:

I believe that all who are united to Jesus the Son of God through trust in his death for their salvation are united to one another as the Church.

I believe that the Church and the Old Testament believers will be joined in the eternal kingdom as the redeemed sons of God and will live together in union with Jesus who is Messiah and Lord forever.