Photographing Spring


Spring is my favorite time of year for photography. Everything is fresh and colorful, and I am re-energized after a gray cold winter.

                We'll have an opportunity to do some spring photography on an April field to Burfort Park.
Roddies              Burfort Park Field Trip
Flowers of spring in Lacey/Olympia 
Thai flowers   Jasmine
Flowers of Thailand. Spring in Thailand comes in January.

This  project is to take an hour walk in a local park or one of the forest parks close to Olympia - Nisqually Wildlife Refuge is a good place LINK .  Take a bunch of pictures choosing a variety of subjects from landscapes to close-ups of plants. Try different camera angles and perspectives. The choose 12 of you best and make a collage that you can display in class.

Here are some tips for getting great spring photos:

Spring flowers, landscapes, animals, trees and water falls, the forest, Olympia has all these to offer.   Spring Photography Project

Here are two videos to get your creative juices flowing.

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