There is nothing new about self-portraits. Artists have been painting their own portrait for centuries. They still are. Here's one of a self portraitwatercolor artist, David Lobenberg. Very creative, don't you think?

With camera phones and social media, however, selfies are everywhere. They are fun. But this project asks you to take selfies to a new level. These will be self portraits rather than the selfies you see on instagram.

Here are a few from Flickr


Stephen McFarland

   A good self portrait is more than a picture of you. It is a photo of you in an environment that speaks something about you. It is a picture of you and something you relate to, a pet, a hobby, a friend, a place. It is also not necessarily even a picture of your face. If you are a cross country runner, it might be a picture of your feet and running shoes. If you are a volleyball player, it might be a portrait of your hands with a ball. Be creative. Think about who you are and what we like.

Don Lewis R

Here's the Project. Take at least 6 different self-portraits using the ideas and techniques you find in the websites linked below. Upload to Flick and explain what you did in the "description" box.

How to Take a Selfie

Creative Self-Portrait Photography

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