Ambient Light

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The first video should be the "Fundamentals of Photography" video. As you watch the video complete the guided notes which you can download Here

Ambient light is light that you find rather than create.
Sometimes ambient light is called natural light. What it is not is flash or studio lighting with multiple lights. But that does not mean it is light you do not control.  Ambient light can be controlled by choosing the right locations for the subjects you photograph and by filling or screening the light you use to get the best effect in your photographs. Watch a couple of videos to get some ideas.

Here's another video that shows how to use natural light for people pictures.

There are other videos on how to use natural light for other subjects such as nature or still life.

The project
. Start by getting acquainted with how natural light changes. Pick a day that is forecast to be nice and sunny, and photograph the same subject outdoors in the same spot from the same angle (always facing east, for example). Start as early as possible and do five shots: one shot each in the early morning, at high noon, in the late afternoon, before sunset, and after sunset.  The purpose of the project is to be able to compare the light and the color of the light at different times of the day. Upload these five pictures to Flickr.

Next choose a subject to photograph under natural light. The subject could be something you find around the house or around school It could be a nature subject or it could be a person. Photograph that subject from several different angles and points of view so that you control the light by changing how you are photographing the subject.  Do a number of pictures. Never be satisfied with just one or two. Upload your best several to Flickr and include a description of how you controlled the light in the description box.

Remember every picture you do should be a good picture, not merely a snapshot.

Fundamental of Photography

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