Questions and Answers | Period 6 | Jan. 8


Question: Why does the Bible describe mankind as made in God’s image?  Ruby

Answer: The term tells us that there is something about man that is like God. The Bible doesn’t say exactly what that it, but we can guess from other verses that it means we are person just as God is. We have minds and can make choices and have a sense of right and wrong and that we have dignity. 

Question: Can we prove God’s existence by studying history?  Daniel

Answer: Yes. Becau7se history is a record of what God has done. But we can also study science and see the same things. Science tells us what God has done.

Question: If God is the lawgiver, are our judgement affected by him?   Kitty

Answer: By lawgiver we mean both that God is the standard of right and wrong and that he gives us instructions about how to live by that standard. Right and wrong are not arbitrary. They come from the character of God AND they express how life works best. So we can figure some of that out on our own without being told by God in a set of laws.

We understand that society doesn’t work well if we go around killing people. It doesn’t work well if we steal from other people.  We don’t need God to tell us that. We know it. But somethings aren’t so obvious. Reverencing and respecting God does not seem that essential for society. But it is. A society that does not respect and reverence God will respect and reverence something or someone else. When that happens we end up with dictators or chaos.  

Question: Why is there a God?  John

Answer: That question cannot be answered. We only know that God does exist. And that is what God says about himself. He says, “I AM.”

But the person who does not believe in God has the same problem of coming up to a question that cannot be answer. If you ask a scientist why does the universe exist, he will tell you we cannot answer that question. We might be able to answer the about how it exists but not the why.

Question: How can we believe God? We cannot see him.  Joseph.

Answer: We can believe that God exists by what he has done. If we see a painting on the wall, we believe automatically that there was a painter who painted it. We don’t need to see the painter. The same is true of God. He has done many things that we can see. One is that he designed and created the universe. When we look at the universe, we ask where that universe came from The best answer is that someone designed and created it.

Question: What happens if there is nothing creative? Jimmy

Answer: Then there would be nothing but God.  It is the same if there was no person creative. There would be no poems or stories or art or bridges or buildings. All th9ose things and much more are the result of creative people.

Question: How did the particles arise that are the particles in atoms? Bella

Answer: They were first of all ideas in the mind of God. He then caused them to become reality in our universe by simply willing it to be Ii is much like an author who has an idea for a story in his mind. In order for it to become reality in the world, the author must tell it to someone else, or write it down so other can know it. 

Question: What was in our universe in the very beginning?  Alexandria

Answer:  Technically and from a scientific point of view, at the very beginning there was no universe for anything to be in.  From a biblical point of view it is the same. There was nothing to be in before God created the universe.

Question:  Why do people believe? (This question was asked without reference to what it was that people believe. I will take it as why do people believe in God and in all these evidences for God.)

Answer:  People believe for many reasons. Some believe the evidence and come to believe  that there must be a God. But that is not the same as believing in God or in Jesus. Believing in Jesus is more than an intellectual conclusion. It is a personal commitment. AND it is always based on a personal encounter with God/Holy Spirit.

That is what Jesus said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

And that is what we see in the Bible. EVERY person who had a personal relationship with God and who really believed  had God speak to him or her personally. The same is true today. Believing in Jesus in the way the Bible talks of it is always the result of God speaking to us.

The question why do people not believe is similar.  People sometimes do not believe because they are not convinced intellectually that God is real and Jesus is the Savior.  But non-belief is often also a matter of choice. Belief in Jesus will cost us something. It will require that we turn our lives over to him. Many people are unwilling to do that, even if they believe intellectually that God is real.