Questions and Answers #2  Period 5

Question: How can we differentiate a message from God and a message from man or a natural process? Joshua

Answer:  When God speaks to us it is usually unmistakable. As we become more and more aware of God as believers, we also learn how to listen more intentionally. God usually speaks to us by a strong inner conviction.  One prophet in the Old Testament called this a “still small voice.”  But God sometimes speaks loudly through the circumstance we experience. And God does sometimes speak in dreams and visions.

In each case, that it is God speaking is usually unmistakable.  We have no trouble distinguishing between ideas that people plant in our minds. For one thing, God usually says things to us that we don’t want to hear. He asks us to do things that are uncomfortable. He’ll send us to India, for example, when we’d rather stay here and enjoy the life we have. For another, God always speaks to us personally the same way he speaks to us in the Bible. He always wants us to do right and to live holy lives. He never asks us to do things that are unloving or harmful. He always leads us to love others and love God.

One of the ways that God regularly speaks to us is through the Bible. It is his word, after all. So, what God does is call our attention to specific things we need to understand and do. Or to wonderful new insights into God himself that draws into worship. It is kind of like having a chat with a friend who is absolutely amazing.

Often God speaks to us about praying for someone or something.

Question: Why do people not understand that the Bible is right when it talks about the beginning of the universe? Nick

Answer: Sometimes it is because they don’t want to. Believing that there is a God carries with it the need to explore what that means for us, and that often leads people to place their faith in God/Jesus and to do what he says with their lives. But there are also some people who find too many unanswered questions about God. They have real doubts. We all have difficulty believing something that is unbelievable. So helping  them deal with those doubts in a loving and respectful way may allow them to take the next step and to believe. . That is what the verses we are memorizing say: 1 Peter 3 15 but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect,