Questions:  Period 6

Question: How can we believe God? We cannot see, not be able to prove.  Wonbin

Answer:  We can prove God.  The design and fine-tuning of the universe and the special suitability of earth for life like ourselves is one proof. Naturalism has no answer for fine-tuning except luck. But it requires far too much luck.

Jesus is proof of God. He did many things that only God could do. And there are more proofs See Mr. Campís blog  and

Question: How can science prove Jesus to be real?  Jimmy

Answer:  Science canít prove Jesus is real any more than it can prove the philosopher Plato is real.  BUT the methods of used by historians based on the texts that speak of Jesus, the reports of those who lived during the first century and on archaeology do prove Jesus is real. Even the non-Christian historian Bart Erhman is convinced that Jesus is real and wrote a book explaining why he thinks it is true, Did Jesus Exist. AND the historical methods prove that Jesus was not only a real person but that he rose from the grave.

Question: How do we know that God is eternal?  Jimmy

Answer: Logically something must be eternal for there to be anything.  It either must be physical matter or a mind (God). Since matter obeys the cause and effect laws of the universe, if matter is eternal, there must be an infinite series of causes and effects in the past. BUT that is not logical. A series of causes and effects requires a first, and there is no first in an infinite series.  

God is not physical. God is a mind.  So God is not subject to the law of causes and effects. God can be eternal without breaking any of the laws that govern the universe. Yet as a mind, like every mind, God can cause things to happen. Just like an author can create a story or the idea for a new bridge or building, God can create things simply by the power of his mind.

Question: Is the law of cause and effect wrong?  Mia

Answer: No. The law of cause and effect is one of the laws of this universe. It works everywhere in the universe, and it works all the time. But the law of cause and effect only works with physical things. It does not control things that are not physical. Ideas are one of the things that the physical law of cause and effect does not control.

Question: What is the evidence besides the Bible that God is real?  Alexandria

Answer: There is a lot of evidence beside the Bible. The universe is one very good evidence.  The universe is fine-tuned to allow for life like ourselves. For fine-tuning to have happened naturally would require luck beyond reason.  There is also the complexity and design the universe and in particular living things.

Every living thing exists because of DNA. We know that DNA is complex and is probably the most complex thing in the universe. We also know that DNA codes information just as letters do in a book. We do not know of any place where information, such as a computer code or a book, can happen by chance. In every case we know of, information comes from a mind that organizes the code or letter.  It is reasonable to expect that DNA is the same. It cannot happen by natural means. It must be the result of a mind that determines the information. And in fact, science can provide no explanation that can be tested for how DNA can code information or how information could be added to DNA by natural means.

Question: How do we know whether history is the truth?   Alice

Answer: We cannot know for certain. But using evidence from archaeology and texts from the time of history we are investigating we can be very certain of the truth of history. For example, we have texts from Egyptian history that give us the names of the pharaohs in the period of 1000 to 2000 B.C. We have letters written to and from many of these pharaohs. And we have artifacts such as mummies and statues that agree with the texts. The conclusion is that we can be very certain that those pharaohs were real and they did the things written about them.

Question: How do people know that evolution is not right but creation is? Kitty

Answer: It is mistaken to think that evolution is not right. Evolution is a description of what has happened to living things over time and suggests a means for how they happened. It has nothing to do with creation or origins of life.  So evolution and creation are two different things.

We know that there is a lot that is right about evolution. For example, species change and adapt to changing environments. We know that those changes are the result of genetic mutations and selection for the best fit in a new environment. In fact, if it was not for the genetic mechanisms that allow for adaptation (evolutionary mechanisms) life could not exist in anything but the simplest form. Those genetic mechanism rather than replacing God are Godís most incredible design for living things.

THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT EVOLUTION THAT IS A PROBLEM FOR BELIEF IN GOD OR CREATION BY GOD. Evolution does not help us understand how life began. It also does not help us understand how the universe began. Evolution only has to do with the adaptation of existing living things.

Question: What is infinite time?   Ruby

Answer: Infinite time means time that has no end and no beginning.  The authorís point was that even if there was infinite time, that would not allow something to happen that cannot happen. Something cannot come from nothing no matter how much time there is.

Question: Why is there a God?   John

Answer: That question doesnít have an answer.  We cannot know WHY.  But we cannot answer the question WHY is there a universe. Or even WHY you exist as a unique person you are.  We might be able to answer the question HOW did you happen to exist. The answer is that your parents gave you birth. We might be able to answer the question HOW the universe exists. It exists by the physical laws that govern it. But HOW is not the Same as WHY.

Question: Why is there eternity (a sense of God) in our hearts?  John

Answer: There is no reason why there should be a sense of God in our hearts from a natural point of view. If people were simply the product of natural causes and effects, there is no reason why they should ever think of God. For all we know, no other animal thinks of God. So the answer is most likely that God made us that way. God made us able to think about God and about the possibility of a future beyond this life. What we do know is that men everywhere and through all of history do think about God and the future beyond this life.