Questions and Answers


Question: Why should we not point out the faulty thinking in the criticism from skeptics that because we donít have the original Bible documents they are not reliable?  Joshua

Answer: We do. All the time. The fault is the skepticís assumption that the Bible should be different from every other book in how ancient texts were saved. It is not different. All old texts we have are copies. The science of textual criticism can reconstruct the original text from the copies with 99.5 % accuracy. WE DO NOT NEED TO WORRY THAT THE BIBLE HAS NOT BEEN ACCURATELY PRESERVED.

Question: How can people believe in the Big Bang? Do they really think something came from nothing?  Alissah

Answer:  People believe in the Big Bang because virtually all the evidence we have from the universe points to an origin in a Big Bang about 14.5 billion years ago.   But whether that was a Big Bang from nothing or a Big Bang from something that existed before the Big Bang is a matter of faith. Theists (Christians) on the basis of the Bible believe the universe originated from nothing by Godís command.  Naturalists believe that there had to be something natural that caused the Big Bang because ďnothing comes from nothing.Ē

Naturalists base that faith on the observation that all events in the natural world are the result of natural causes. Theists base that faith on the Bible that says God created AND upon the observation that lots of things come from a mind that has an idea which is then created in reality by a personal agent, not a natural cause.

Question: If in older historical time people believed in one supreme God, why donít people know it gives us more evidence? Tosin

Answer:   The evidence we have from anthropology and archaeology is that one God was the original idea about God people around the world had in very ancient times. Gradually people trying to understand this God added to the idea of one God the idea that there were actually many different gods. But that idea is not logical. The Greek philosophers 2500 years ago almost all either gave up on the many gods because it was not logical or reverted back to the idea of one God. For them one God is the only thing that makes sense. And, of course, many others also came to that conclusion. Many American Indian tribes believed in one Creator God even though they also thought that there were other ďspiritualĒ powers. It made sense to them.

It also makes sense to us. BUT it is also what the Bible reveals to us. Interesting isnít it that what God says makes sense. J

Question : How can we find if there is a God or not?   Garrett

Answer: The best way is for God to reveal himself to us. And that is what God did in the past. He spoke to Abraham, Moses, David, the prophets and many, many others. God reveals himself today to us by the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would lead us into all truth. 

But there is also the evidence of nature and the universe. The fine-tun9ng of the universe argues for a Designer. The DNA that is present in all livings and is the most complex thing we know of AND is information that instructs living things how to develop is powerful evidence for a Designer.

Question: Why do people believe in God when it has been proven that people look to religion to explain unknown things? Ethan

Answer:  People may be mistaken or be superstitious and accept the answers that religion gives them as true. Many of those ideas can be shown to be false by science and by logic. But that does not mean all ideas that are religious are wrong. TEST THE IDEAS WITH LOCIC AND SCIENCE.  The question of whether God is real is not shown to be wrong by science. Science actually leads us to belief in a mind behind the universe. Even scientists who are not Christians have remarked on that. Logic does not eliminate God. Logic actually  leads us to a beginner of all things that is not itself a physical thing.

Question: Why do people doubt the selfcreation of God?   Jamie

Answer:  ďSelfcreationĒ is misleading.  What the Bible says is that God simply IS. To think that God created himself is illogical. It assumes that before God existed he created himself. He did not create himself. BUT it is not so difficult to believe that God exits eternally with no beginning and no end.

It is logical to conclude that something had to be eternal for there to anything. Everyone agrees with that, whether Naturalist or Theist. No one thinks something can come from absolute nothing. So the question is is physical matter eternal or is God eternal.  Because it is not logical for there to be an infinite series of real physical things, the conclusion that God is the eternal thing is far the more logical idea.

Question: Are there other examples of self existent things? Jacalyn

Answer: If you mean by that things that simply are without explanation for how they are, no, there are no other examples. And that is a good reason to think that God is the best solution to the question where did everything come from.  

Question: Why does the author put infinite time and chance if we know only one of them is true?  Nick  

Answer: I am not sure what you mean, but if you mean why does the author say that infinite time and chance cannot explain why the universe is how it is,  he means that there is no reason to believe in infinite time as far as the universe is concerned or that chance can be a logical answer when the chance is so extremely small.

Question:  How do we get all of our info about God Ė Bible, church, but what else?  Cameron

Answer: We also get information about God from nature around us. See Psalm 19 and Romans 1. In  both the author says that we can know some things about God from nature. We can also reason our way to God as the Greek philosophers did.  Many scientists and philosophers today, like Anthony Flew and Francis Collins , have looked at nature with much more understanding than the ancient Greeks and have come to the same conclusion: God is not only a reasonable conclusion but a necessary conclusion. BUT that is only partial knowledge. We need God to tell us about himself.

Question: Can God be proved?  Matias

Answer: Yes.  The universe itself being so perfectly fine-tuned for life such as us is proof that God was involved. It is beyond the possibility that the conditions of the universe and the particular place we live would be produced by chance. Individually, God also proves himself to us by speaking, often in an unmistakable way, to us. God answers prayer. That is proof. Jesus who did things only God could do is proof. And there are others.

Question: How can people claim Christianity canít be proven but evolution canít either?   If evolution is so wrong, how come people teach it in schools?   Christian

Answer: Evolution is not totally wrong. It is a theory of change and adaptability of living things that is observable and is very helpful in things like medicine as well in developing better breeds of animals and plants.  Mankind could not have adapted wild animals to domestic breeds or wild plants to the plants we rely on for our food without the marvelous mechanism God created in all living things called evolution.

But when people imagine that evolution has created all on its own life in all its variety and complexity including ourselves, the theory goes way beyond what science can support. In that larger sense evolution does not work. It would not matter how much time there was; there is not enough time in the entire age of the universe for evolution to work.

BUT because science limits itself to natural explanations of natural things, there is no place for saying that God had any part in the creation or development of life. The only option left is to say that evolution is the explanation, even though that is a belief with no scientific support.  


EVOLUTION. Christians should not be afraid that evolution disproves God. It does not and cannot do that. That is not to say that God did not direct changes in the DNA of living things to cause changes in living or that God did not create living things with DNA that is capable of enabling living things to adapt to changing conditions. THAT IS THE WONDER OF GODíS CREATIVE POWER AND WISDOM. He created bears that could adapt to ice and snowing conditions as polar bears have. He created fish that could adapt to salt water or fresh water.

He created man would could adapt to sunny climates and colder climates. But both people with black skin and those with while are human beings. Both black bears and polar bears are bears. They have just adapted. They have not changed into something different.