Project  Pets
Pets are a lot like children. They are cute. They have personalities. They have moods and personalities. They are active. And they are fun to photograph. Your job as a photographer is to capture all those things.

The project gets you started.   Project Pets
                in shoe
Project Light  
Some pictures are striking, and some are dull. Some create a mood that speaks to us, and others are light warmed over toast. The difference when we think about pictures that move us and those that do not is often the light. The  picture to the right if taken at midday would with gray skies and flat light would be a throw-away. But in the evening with back lighting that creates silhouettes of the shore birds and reflects off the wet sand is much more interesting - and moody.

This project explores Light
Project  Photo Line Drawings
One of the neat things you can do with GIMP is create pictures that look like pen and ink drawings. Some subject are better than others. But subject from people to landscapes can make great line drawings. Give it a try with a bunch of your pictures.

Make line drawings by following the instructions.
Line Art

The great Cell phone PHOTO CHALLENGE. Learn some of the techniques and tricks for great cell phone photos on the project web page. Then challenge a friend to a photo shoot out.

Project Camera Phone Challenge
Cell phonechallenge

Upload pictures to the class Flickr site LINK

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