Project  Take control: ISO
Digital cameras are able to take pictures in very low light conditions. They can do so because the sensitivity of the camera to light can be changed from normal to very high sensitivity.  The measure of that sensitivity is the ISO, which could be as low as 100 or as high as 6400 on your camera. Like  shutter speed and aperture, changing the ISO gives you creative control over your pictures. 

Get to know how the ISO can be changed  and how you can use ISO creatively. Project ISO
Project   Exposure
Sometimes my pictures don't come out as I planned. The subject in this candid street picture I shot in India turned out too dark. The problem was exposure; this picture was underexposed. It is possible to fix the picture using  photo-editing  programs like GIMP or Photoshop, but knowing how to take well exposed pictures in the first place will save time and work. And well exposed pictures are far easier to work with creatively than poorly exposed shots. 

Learn how to adjust your camera to take well exposed pictures in difficult lighting situation. Project Exposure
Project Light  
Some pictures are striking, and some are dull. Some create a mood that speaks to us, and others are light warmed over toast. The difference when we think about pictures that move us and those that do not is often the light. The  picture to the right if taken at midday would with gray skies and flat light would be a throw-away. But in the evening with back lighting that creates silhouettes of the shore birds and reflects off the wet sand is much more interesting - and moody.

This project explores Light
Project   Zoom
Almost every digital camera comes with a zoom lens having a range of focal lengths from wide angle to telephoto. The picture  to the right shows the frames of 28mm, 50mm, 84mm, and 300mm focal lengths. Often we choose the focal length that requires the least effort. But there is a lot more to choosing the focal length for a particular picture than whether if is easier than getting closer or stepping back a few feet. Focal length should be a creative decision.

Learn how to use the zoom lens on your camera creatively. Project Zoom
Project  Point of View
This is a project that will take your photography from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Try seeing things like your dog sees the. Or like a bird sees them, Or like a baby sees them. When you do, you take your pictures to an entirely new level.

See things differently. Project Point of View

Project  GIMP
GIMP is the photo editing and enhancement program we have on the school computers. Most photos can be improved and made a lot more interesting by using the features of GIMP.  This project asks that you use Gimp to do some simple things such as cropping and improving contrast and saturation. It also asks that you explore some of the special effects possible in "Filters."

Do some GIMPing   Project GIMP


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