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What Makes a good Photo? Read this description of good photography and apply to your photography. LINK

Read this page What Makes Great Photos

Read this page  What Makes a Photo Good?
What's this class all about? Syllabus

Current Assingment is the "Games" Practice.  Nov. 10

Tools for this class:
  GIMP official site Downloads are free.
  iPiccy online photo editor
  Flickr The photo sharing site we use in class.
You will also need to be able to order prints from your photos. Walgrens, Costco, and Rite-Aid all make good prints and have a one hour service. You can upload pictures from your computer to these sites, and the prints will be waiting for you to pick up in about an hour.
Required Project  
Get to Know Your Camera.

Every camera is different. But any camera can become a wonderful and creative tool if you know how to use it. This project explores the capabilities of your camera, whether that camera is an iPhone, a professional level DSLR or a  point and shoot camera. You will learn and practice using your camera's controls and explore the creative limits and range of your lenses. If you are new to photography or have a new camera, this is the place to begin.

Explore the controls available on your camera Project #1
Project  Around the House
This is a project that asks you to see interesting things in ordinary places, and there is nothing more ordinary than breakfast.

There is no place that has more photo opportunities than your home.

Find some ordinary things and make them look great. Around the House

Project  Composition
Any picture you like is a good picture. But almost any picture can be improved by paying attention to the composition. 

Learn the secrets of composition. Project Composition

Project   Take control: Aperture
Every camera has an aperture, even if it is set automatically. The aperture is the size of the opening in the lens. Its function is to control the amount of light that enters the camera. The aperture on most cameras can be changed to allow more or less light into the camera. But the aperture does much more. Its size determines the depth of field, and it determines the shutter speed required to make a well exposed picture. And those both make a big difference in your picture.

Get to know how the aperture can be changed and how you can control the picture using the aperture. Project aperture

Project  Take control: Shutter speed
Every camera has a shutter, though fully automatic cameras do not allow direct control of the shutter.  The shutter opens and shuts allowing light to reach the camera's sensor making the exposure. But shutter speed, like the aperture, does much more. With any subject that is moving, the shutter speed determines how sharp the picture is. That makes the shutter speed very important if a sharp picture is desired. But it also allows creative control.

Watch the video and take notes, the complete the project.

Get to know how the shutter speed can be changed and how you can use shutter speed creatively. Project shutter speed


Upload pictures to the class Flickr site LINK

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