Individualized instruction in photography online and hands-on in the classroom.
            Instructor Don Camp

What's this class all about? Syllabus

What Makes a Good Photograph  LINK

Tools for this class:
  GIMP official site Downloads are free.
  iPiccy online photo editor
  Flickr The photo sharing site we use in class.
You will also need to be able to order prints from your photos. Walgreens, Costco, and Rite-Aid all make good prints and have a one hour service. You can upload pictures from your computer to these sites, and the prints will be waiting for you to pick up in about an hour.

Community Service Day, April 24

Every year the NCHS Student Body goes off campus to serve. This year we will go to several sites around Olympia to can salmon, plant trees, clean up the environment, and serve the needy. And the Photography class will be there to take pictures and videos that tell the story.

Here's your assignment:  Community Service


Project  Illustration    

Illustration photography makes ideas or messages seeable. A picture of an athlete on a Wheaties box tells you that this is the breakfast of champions. A spring flower with the message "He is risen as he said" makes new life seeable.

Illustration photography is like writing a poem. It is creative and sometimes very powerful in sharing your thoughts.

  Project Illustration
Project  Photographing Spring 
Spring is the season when everything comes alive. You will find new leaves and new flowers everywhere.  There are also spring sports and spring holidays to photograph. And, of course, ther3e is spring rain. But it is different from winter rain. So get your creative juices going by looking at spring in a brand new way.

This project asks you to see spring through the lens of your camera and create a bunch of spring pictures that will give your viewer a new appreciation of the beauty of this season of the year.
  Project Spring
Spring Flower
Project  Nature
Where to begin?  Shall we photograph huge landscapes, capturing deserts and mountain ranges? Or attach a macro lens and photograph insects in our studio? Is today a flower day or are we stalking buffalo at Yellowstone? Probably if you are just exploring nature photography, you will want to try out them all. So should you buy a ticket for India to photograph tigers? Probably not. The best idea is to start where you are. Or close.

Explore nature    Project Nature

Project  Lilliputians
        NEW for Second Semester

Lilliputian photography is just plain fun. It has us thinking and seeing the world like tiny people, the Lilliputians. And it gets us down on on hands and knees and then sends us to the computer to make some truly fun pictures.

  Lilliputian Photography

Project  Informal People Pictures
We probably take more pictures of people than any other subject, especially if we have a camera phone.  Most of the pictures we take are fun pictures, snapshots. Portraits including candid portraits  are different. They are photos of people taken casually but intentionally with the goal to capture the personality of the subject. Here's one of Mrs. O'Hara

Take a bunch of candid portraits 
Project Informal Portraits

Informal Portrait

Upload pictures to the class Flickr site LINK

Photo Gallery     

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