Northwest Christian High School, Photography, 2017-2018
Teacher Don Camp
Photography Syllabus    Class Flickr site.
Research two famous photographers and present their work and the path they followed to being noted as among the more important photographers in the history of photography.
Present on January 26, at the semester final test time for this class.
Full instruction are here Photography Semester 1 Project

create a photo story of an event - maybe Christmas family day.
We'll work at how to publish your story when school resumes in January.
Assignment: Landscape photo. Take some landscape or cityscape pictures during the Christmas break.
Select the photo you like the best and upload to the class Flickr site.


See the latest assignment at the top.

Dec. 12.
Christmas cards
Create 12 different Christmas card photos. Choose your favorite to print and submit to a contest. Mrs. Walker will judge.

Nov. 14.
Urban Photography
Read several of the articles on Urban Photography and collect two pictures that you can share on Flickr.
Be ready to explain in class what rules of composition they follow - or break.
Explain in class what attracted you to these images.
Talk about the technique the photographer used.
Due Monday, Nov. 6

 Oct. 23,
Take a portrait of a person without the person in the portrait. Upload 2 to Flickr. Due Sunday evening, Oct. 29.

This assignment is to photograph some of the things that represent the life of the person. 

Oct. 9,
After reading this article on the use of a wide angle lens Five Mistakes Beginners Make Use your wide angle lens to practice the techniques the author describes. Picture due on Flickr by Monday, Oct. 16

Oct. 5,
Read the online book "10 Photography Challenges." Choose one you could do and make a plan. Due Oct. 6.

Sept. 18,
Take three pictures illustrating three of the different composition rules. Upload to your Flickr site. 

Class Group Flickr page
Upload selected photo assignments here to share.

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PDF book 10 Photography Challenges