Northwest Christian High School, Photography, 2017-2018
Teacher Don Camp
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Assignment:  Illustrate an idea.

1. Begin with an idea. 
You could use a scripture verse as an idea to illustrate. Or a concept like "strength" or "endurance" or "luxury" or "poverty" or "study" or "school" or "friends." 
2. Find out what other photographers have done with this idea.
3. Imagine an image that you could make to illustrate the idea.
4. Make the image and combine with the concept as in  the sample to the right.
Due by May 16  Post to Flickr

Photographic illustration is more than capturing an image of an object. It is using that image to communicate an idea or a mood.

Past Assignments

May 3
Do it again.  The best way to challenge our creativity in photography is to go back to the same subjects we've photographed in the past and look for new ways to see those old subjects. Over the weekend look around your home at the things you photographed before. Take twelve new pictures.

Think about new camera angles, composition, using wide angles lens or telephoto, lighting, then use GIMP to create new images or crop and enhance. The idea is to make these the best pictures you can.
Post to Flickr for Tuesday, May 8.

April 9
Time lapse. Create a time lapse video or series of photos or a single photo that captures a period of time rather than simply a moment of time. prepare that to present to the class on Friday, April 27. Be prepared to explain how you did it and why you choose to record this event as a time lapse. See the assignment at the top of the page.  Due Friday, April 13

Mar. 23
Chose your favorite picture and have an 8x10 print made. You will make a mat for the picture next week and prepare it for display. Due Monday.

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