Northwest Christian High School, Photography, 2017-2018
Teacher Don Camp
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Time Lapse Photography
Time Lapse Photography
Assignment: Create a time lapse video or series of photos or a single photo that captures a period of time rather than simply a moment of time. prepare that to present to the class on Friday, April 27. Be prepared to explain how you did it and why you choose to record this event as a time lapse.

Idea!  If you are doing a video you could include some real time clips along with the time lapse. Often a time lapse makes more sense if it is used to bridge between video clips shot in real time or a series of still photos placed in a video and linked via a speeded-up (time lapse) series.  .

The work day on April 25 may provide a great opportunity for a time lapse that condenses down an activity that takes place over a period of time to a short time lapse video or a series of photos.


April 9
See the assignment at the top of the page.
Due Friday, April 13

Mar. 23
Chose your favorite picture and have an 8x10 print made. You will make a mat for the picture next week and prepare it for display. Due Monday.

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