Northwest Christian High School, Photography, 2017-2018
Teacher Don Camp
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The Lilliputians have rarely been captured in photographs. Your assignment is to find and photograph some of these little people.

Mar. 9
Lilliputians. Make little people. Take a picture of something or some who will be the full sized object or person in the photo. Take another picture or pictures of people posed to go with the first photo but reduced in size so that the person looks very small in comparison.

Mar. 7
Photographing giants. Photo safari around the neighborhood capturing giants along with the gigantic things these giants use.

Mar, 2
Use one of your candid portraits and take another picture of that person doing something that reveals character or interests. Blend the two images into one "double exposure."  Due Wed. March 7

Feb. 20
Explore the two points of view of looking up and looking down. Take pictures around the house over the weekend and post one good photo from thse points of view. Plus one good photo that reveals texture. Dur Monday on Flickr.

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