Pets are fun to photograph. This project will get you started, but you'll want to come back and photograph your pets again and again. The photograph on the right comes from a website that has a  bunch of pet portraits. Some are elaborate. But some are pictures that you could take. Why not take a look and get inspired. Pet Photography

Here's a video with some tips.

pet portrait
Project. So why not get started. There are ten tips  in this website Tips. Follow tips number 2,3,4,6 plus the common sense tip of getting down to their level  and begin to take some pictures. Post on Flickr several of the better pictures where you followed each of the tips. That will be five tips and multiple images for each tip; you can't expect to get your best picture with just one shot.   

Don't be in a hurry to rush through this project. Good pet photography takes time. 

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