Nature Photography

All nature photography is connected with the outdoors. That's where "nature" is after all. But the outdoors is about the only thing common to this wide and diverse field called "Nature Photography." Nature photography may be huge landscapes of the Saharan deserts or the Andes mountains  or intimate close-ups of insect or plants in a studio setting. For the photographer either or both are celebrations of nature. For Christian photographers their photos are celebrations of the God of creation.  And they are memories you will enjoy.
Take a look at some of the variety.

         Lion cubs  Andes

  insect   wild rose   Swallow
But a few images cannot do the field of nature photography justice. So check out a couple of websites.

The first is a selection of twelve nature photographers and their work. Follow the links to photographs by these photographers. Famous Nature Photographers

The second introduces you to one of the best resources for exploring and improving your nature photography, the online magazine "Outdoor Photography."  This page has a selection of the topics covered in the magazine. My favorite is "Grand Landscapes, Intimate Details."   Outdoor Photography

Here's a video if you are interest in woodland nature photography.

Now you take it from here. Explore the videos and websites that could help you develop your nature photography.

The Project asks you to explore the field of nature photography via videos and websites and decide on a kind of photography you can experiment with right where you are in Olympia/Lacey.So you need to first determine where you can spend some time outdoors in  nature. You will need to be able to return to that place at least a couple of times. Write and some of the possibilities of that location that in a journal you will keep for this project.

Next take a walk through that location, whether it is your backyard, a wooded area close to home, or a park. Take your camera and begin to photograph the things you find interesting and photogenic. Put these photos on Flickr and in an album titled "Nature." You should spend a fair amount of time in this location. You will not get good photos on a quick walk. Play around with the best of these photos using either Flickr editing or GIMP. Crop. Increase contrast or decrease. Increase saturation or turn the photos into black and white. Journal the things you do and the subjects you take on this first exploration of your natural location.

Next collect some bits and pieces of nature to bring home and photograph indoors. Use a plain background and directional light to bring out colors and textures. Post those to Flickr in the "Nature" album. Journal your experience and what you learned and what techniques and camera settings you used.  Evaluate your results in the journal.

After you have a chance to evaluate all of these photos, go back to the same location and look for more. You might decide to retake the same subjects as before from different points of view or in different light or with a different focal length lens. You might try getting the backgrounds out of focus or in focus. The object is to do something different. Post these photos to Flickr in the "Nature" album. Improve the best of these photos using the same tools as you used before. Journal this photo shoot as you  did the previous shoots.

Finally, create a photo collage of the best of your nature pictures. Upload that to Flickr and hand in the journal of your natural photography explorations. These will be the  final product of this project.


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