Last year Andrea Cross make some incredible and creative photos for the Lilliputian Project. The photo above is one.

Lilliputian photographs view the world from the perspective of tiny people, the Lilliputians.
Sometimes as in the examples below the camera is at the level of tiny Lilliputians. In others the photographer has photographed the Lilliputians themselves.


Of course, the Liliputians see the rest of us as giants.
This picture by Hannah Gardner.

This Project
asks you to do two things.
1) Photograph the world as tiny people would see it.  That means to get down on their level. Make at least 6 different pictures and upload to Flickr.

2) Make photos of Lilliputians. That means to photograph a scene or situations where a Lilliputian might be, and then photograph a person who could fit into that scene. Then use a photo editing program like GIMP to place that person in the scene as a tiny person.  Make two different pictures and upload to Flickr. PUT IN AN ALBUM CALLED LILLIPUTIANS. 

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