Light and surf
The word photography mean writing with light.
Close you eyes real tight. That is the world without light. That we can see light is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. That we can capture the light we see and share it in our photographs with others is what photography is all about. The better we are at seeing light, the better we will be in capturing and sharing the marvel of light.

Light is more than just light. Light has intensity, direction, color, and quality. In the photo above, the intensity of the light is low. The direction of the light is from the back of the subject, called backlighting. The color of the light is cool. and the quality of the light is broad, it comes from the broad sky rather than the sun.

In the picture to the right, the light is broad, coming from the front but with a slight sidelight that creates enough shadow Chess with
                  side lightand highlight in the chess pieces to give a feeling of texture and roundness. Notice the highlights on the right side of the chess pieces and the shadows on the left.

That is what sidelight does best, show texture. The stronger the sidelight the more pronounced the tcxture is. In this picture a little bit of light from the left side would have created some highlights in the black pieces on the left and separated them from the black background. A small mirror would have done that nicely.

This project asks that you experiment with the direction of light. Choose a simple subject. It might be something like the chess pieces or an apple on a kitchen counter or a pile of legos or a flower in a vase or on a table or as pile of cookies. The best kind of subject for this project is one that has texture.

Take several  good pictures of that subject using a light you can move around, but do not move the position of the camera. Do one picture with the light coming from behind the subject, one with the light coming from in front of the subject, and one with the light coming from the right and the left side. Finally, do one picture with the light coming from directly above the subject.

The object of this experiment is to learn how the direction of the light changes the picture.

Upload each of these pictures to Flickr and expain what you did differently with the light in each picture. You should have five different pictures.

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