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Photography used to illustrate ideas is all around us. We've actually already done illustration photography when we made Christmas cards.  The photo above was taken  by Cooper Downey last year as an illustration of Christmas idea. Other illustrative photos are on posters, cereal boxes and the internet.

Sometimes this kind of photography is called conceptual photography, and that's a good name for it because it makes an idea seeable.  Some of those photos can be radically creative as is the one below illustrating "trauma."
Other pictures are quite simple. But simple can be powerful.

That is what we will work on in this Project, simple pictures that speak an idea.

Conceptual photography can begin with an idea which you then try to illustrate in a photograph. Or it can begin with a photo that you see captures and idea.

Conceptual photography is often used with words to express the idea - like in poster. But it is sometimes used without words. Conceptual photography is sometimes a single picture. At other times it is a series of pictures.

Above all, it calls for the maximum creativity we have. Like good literature, it asks us to think on a higher level where metaphors and figurative language is common.

But conceptional photography is also used to reinforce ideas in advertising or social media. Memes, for example often use photographs to make an idea seeable.

Here's a website with 10 ideas that are made seeable http://www.wisegeek/top-ten-facts-about-the-world-1

The wise Geek describes conceptual photography as "a type of photographic art that initially envisioned by the photographer and then staged to realize the vision. Images are often designed to depict certain  aspects of society or life." That is what this Project is designed to do, help you envision ideas.

This Project asks you to do two things:
1) Begin with a photo and identify a concept in picture that is not already captioned with an idea.
2) Begin with an idea and create photos to illustrate that idea.

Here's the assignment. Search the internet for photos that you think express and idea. Collect 6 of these and create captions for them that creatively express the idea you see in the photos. This can be a Bible verse or a motivational phrase, like "Be strong," or an emotion like happy or sad.  Upload to your Flickr page.

Take an idea like sad or happy or a Bible verse or a slogan and create new pictures of your own that express the idea. Caption the pictures and upload to Flickr. Again you should have 6 different pictures of different subjects.  You could use pictures you've already taken if they express an idea.  BE CREATIVE.

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