Semester Final Project #2| Bible 10 | June 4, 2018

This is an essay. It should be written as an essay, not simply as bullet points answering the various questions.


What did you learn about the process of inductive Bible study?

Your answer should refer to the reason for doing inductive Bible study. There are other kinds of Bible study, such as devotional study in which we read to hear what God says to us. There is also study of what others say about the passage. Those have value, but what is the particular value of inductive Bible study? That is the question.

We studied how to do inductive Bile study as it relates to different genres of literature including narrative, parables, and teaching. Your answer should refer to the special skills required for each.

         Use those skills to explain the little narrative in Matthew 20:20-28. (Remember the three step process you use in inductive Bible study and be sure to complete the final step.)

         Now explain how the little story in Matthew 20:29-31 connects to this teaching about greatness in the kingdom of God and leadership.

Use the resources on the class website and the study guides you completed for this chapter in answering this question. Read the chapter out of the book Messiah and refer to the ideas you find there. That book is available on the class website. A complete answer will use these sources as you would sources for a research paper. BUT do not simply agree with me or the authors of your sources. Do your own thinking. That is the point of inductive Bible study.

How much is enough for this answer? I would expect that you would need to write 2-3 pages typed and double spaced to answer well.