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film cameras
Yup. That's the way it used to be done.  Of course, there were film cameras earlier than the 35mm cameras, but they were big and bulky or made for the popular market rather than serious professions. But that changed in the 1930s with the German made Leica II. The use of 35mm cameras for professional use took off.
Here's one of the first, the Leica ll 

Photo journalists picked it up and took it to war. Creative street photographer recorded life in the cities and travel photographers too it into Africa and South America to show us life in remote places none of us would ever see in person.

Over sixty years the 35mm film camera became more and more sophisticated. Then it was over. Digital photography was created and digital cameras toookj over the world.

But that does not mean film photography is dead. Photo artists picked up those old cameras and have revived the art.
That is what this Project is all about,reviving the art.Some of may have olf 35mm cameras tucked away in a closet. Eventually you may want to dust that camera off and try it out. But first we'll do this the easy way with simple disposable cameras. So the first step is to go to Walmart or Walgreens and buy a couple. They are cheap.

You will have to take them back to the store for developing of the film. Here are some of then options LINK
You can get either prints or digital files on  a CD. For this Project, prints will be okay.

The disposable cameras use color film.

Pictures taken with film will have a slightly different look.
Here are several photos taken with Fujicolor film. In this case they were make into digital files that could then be put on the Internet. These were taken with a Minolta X-570 camera and very good lenses.

          Fujicolor             Fujicolor 2

  Dougan Falls    Tumwater

A disposable camera will not have lenses as good so they may not be as crisp.

This Project is simple. Take some pictures. Most of the cameras have a built-in flash, so take so pictures indoors with a flash.  Then take some outdoor with no flash. Use the creativity you have developed over the year. Make good interesting pictures. Have fun.

Mount a dozen of them on a board like we did with the collage of the city.

Here are some tips.


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