Photographing Fall

Autum Leaves

brings to mind leaves in  brilliant yellows and reds lending their color to our city streets here in Lacey and Olympia and reflected in  the waters of the sound. And the colors of fall provide a photographer with wonderful opportunities to Farmers Marketcapture the glory of fall. But there is more to fall than fall color. There is the Farmers Market. And the state fair.

There are fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. There are fall sports. There are fall school activities.  And there is fall rain. Yup. It happens. 

State Fair

So get out and enjoy and take your camera so you can show us what fall looks like through your lens.

20 Tips for Great fall Photos
7 Tips for Fall Pictures in Vancouver

This project asks you to interpret fall in Olympia/Lacey in a series of photographs. That means that you will collect a Fall Collagevariety of pictures that may include fall leaves, fall activities, and fall holidays. Your final product will be a collage of of six or more  fall pictures. Use GIMP to create a background on which you will place your selection of pictures. Expect that this project will take you more than one trip down to the park.

 See the collage created by Marissa last year.

There are lots of possibilities. Take your time to think about what you want to accomplish. Make every pictures in  your collage your best effort.

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