Papers used in class may be downloaded here if you do not have a copy.

Long Term assignment: Use the map to locate all of the places mentioned in Matthew. Draw a line from the location to the border where you place a picture of the location and a brief explanation  of what happened there. See this example LINK  Due by Jan. 23

Long Term assignment: Read the book of Matthew beginning to the end. Due by Jan. 23

Nov. 27 The summary of our study in Matthew from chapter 1 through chapter 7 is HERE

Nov. 30 The work sheet for testing the miracle in Matthew 8 is HERE

Click on the image for full size
Miracle Test
Dec. 5 Worksheet and assignment for "Jesus Is the Proof." HERE

Dec. 7 Was Jesus a Real Man? (click on image for full size.)
Was Jesus
Dec. 11 Study Guide for Chapter 9 Study Guide

Jan. 2 Diagram of origin views from Naturalism to Young Earth Creationism. Origins

Jan. 5 Questions & Answers Period 5 LINK
Jan. 5 Questions & Answers Period 6 LINK

Jan. 9 "Designed for Life" LINK

Jan. 9 "Does God Exist?" LINK

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