Display Your Photos

What do you do when you come up with a truly amazing photo? 
(Would these look good on the wall?)
mugs You share, right?

Instagram. Flickr. Facebook. Twitter.  But sometimes a photo or a series of photos just needs a different audience. It needs to hang on the wall, or be sent to a favorite aunt as a calendar or a photo mug. When you get beyond the internet the options and the opportunities for creativity multiply.

Do this as part of this Project:
Take an inventory of your home and list all the ways photos are displayed or shared in by your family. Hand in with the completed project.

The thing that usually comes to mind when we think of displaying our photography is a framed picture to hang on the wall. But there are many other ways to display and share you photos, and even the picture on  the wall is not as simple as it seems. You can have your photos printed on wood, glass, metal, and canvas. You can have them made into posters that will stick to the wall or you can sin them up as you do with all your other posters. For some of the possibilities go to Walgreens photos Almost every other place that prints photos can do the same things.

So, for this project, explore. Try some new things.

This Project is to prepare some of your photos for display. 1) Print and 8x10 or larger, mat, and create a way for that photo to be displayed in your home. That means a way to hang it on the wall or to otherwise display it.  2) Choose and create  one other means or item to display or share your photos.  

Bring both of those projects to class and share with the class when you are finished.


Here are some internet resources for this Project: Mounting and framing for display How to frame photos

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