Nothing will do more to improve your photography than attention to composition.  This collection of old trucks was a wonderful subject, but composing a picture of these trucks in a row that seems to move diagonally and ending the line on the right side with the dominant truck makes this picture visually interesting.

What is composition?
It is the arrangement of visual elements in the frame of your picture.

There are some rules of composition that artists have used for as long as people have been drawing and painting. Watch the video to learn some of the basics.

Here is a website Twenty Composition Techniques that describes  composition techniques that every photographer can use. The photos are by amazing photographer Barry O'Carroll a travel photographer from Ireland.

The picture to the right illustrates the first rule, the rule of thirds. The rule  is very simple. You divide the frame into 9 equal rectangles, 3 across and 3 down then place the important element in the picture at the intersection of those lines. 

This project asks you to begin to see and use some of these techniques in your own photos.

1. Watch the video and read the website. You might also explore some of the additional resources listed at the bottom of the page.
2. Analyze the sample picture of trucks at the top of the page and describe the composition techniques used. Be prepared to discuss those techniques in class.
2. Find examples of five of the first ten composition techniques discussed on the website. You can find pictures on Flickr or follow the links on the website to additional pictures.  Download those pictures to your computer so that you can print them and discuss them in classs or with the teacher. Or save the URL address so that you can use the teacher's computer to go to the web page and find the pictures.
3. Take five pictures new pictures that illustrate five different composition techniques illustrated on the website. Put them on your Flickr page and upload them to the class flicker page. Include in the description which composition technique you used.

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