Community Service Day

Community Service  
NCHS students planting apple trees at the Youth with a Mission farm south of Tumwater, 2018.
Community Service has been a tradition at Northwest Christian High School. We have gone to Nisqually Wildlife Refuge to clean out unwanted plants, to churches  that provide support to low income and homeless people, to a cannery canning salmon for Native tribes. It is fun to work together and to accomplish something meaningful for others.

The Photography class for a number of years photographed the activities, and this year we will again. The goal is to create a video story of the day.

The project is to work together to collect still images and video of the day. We'll divide the day into five different segments: 1) gathering and leaving the school 2) the activities of the morning at the several different work sites 3) lunch 4) activities of the afternoon at the several different work sites 5) the end of the day as we travel back to NCHS.

Each member of the class will be responsible to take still photos and video clips of those five parts of the day. But we will work together to put those together in a single video with music, voice, and captions, titles, etc.  We'll play editors.

Here's a video clip from last year.

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