The City

Cities have fascinated photographers from the very first photo taken. Here is the earliest photograph to include people in a city scene. It is actually a marvelous, artistic street scene, even by today's standards. It was taken in Paris by Louis Daguerre in 1838, a famous early photographer.

In the years since, the love affair photographers have with the city has not abated. There is just so much variety, color, emotion, and so many wonderful ever-changing scenes of life and vitality.

It may be that you will get hooked on the city. I hope so.
Mussourie Market, India

There is no place better than India if people are your subject. But if you look in the right places, you can catch people being people, real or imagined, in Olympia as well.

Photo Club
NCHS Photo Club, Olympia, 2009
5th Ave Olympia, 5th Ave.
People are only one of the subjects that occupy city photographers. The buildings, both old and modern, are a fascinating subjects.The building to the left is a historic building in Olympia. The people in the photo make the picture more than just architectural. They add life to the city.

Street Photography.
Here's a good video on doing street photography.

When it comes to street photography, a camera phone is a great choice. Few people even notice when you are using a camera phone. You are often able to get very natural photos.
Sometimes what a photographer finds fascinating are the details that make up the kaleidoscope of the city.

 hotdog door water grate
Urban Photography.
Harsh light makes photography in the city more difficult.  The great thing about photographing Olympia is that we often have cloudy days.

The challenge of photographing Olympia is that you have seen it so many times that you don't appreciate the photographic opportunities. The trick then is to think of yourself as a tourist photographing the city for the first time.

Architectural photography.
Here's one final video that will help you think about the photo opportunities of the city.

This Project asks you to choose a specific subject within the larger subject of the city, something like street photography or buildings or  people and take a series of photographs that can be put together in a collage that you can put on the wall. That means you'll have to print the pictures and get a mounting board to display the pictures on.  Have fun and create something you'll enjoy sharing with your family.

You could begin during our field trip to downtown Olympia. But you will probably need to take more than one trip to the city to collect the photos you will need.

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