Christmas Cards
Oh my goodness! Christmas!  If there ever was a subject where a photographer can go wild, this is it. Color. Excitement. Food. Trees and decorations. Family gatherings. Every one of those presents photo opportunities. In fact, googling "Christmas photos" brings up almost two million images.

So we have to focus, and I don't mean simply focus the camera, I mean focus on a particular part of the Christmas season. So for this project the focus will be upon creating a Christmas themed Christmas card.

Here's one Jinny did last year.
.          Jinny

Family card That bring up images of the family Christmas cards your family probably receives, and maybe even sends. Those are fun and welcome. But this assignment is different from that.

Jinny simply set up the balls and snowman on Christmas wrapping paper and then added the snow flakes and message using GIMP.   Pretty neat.