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People provide photographers with their most available and perhaps most interesting subjects. But "PEOPLE" Wow! Where do you begin?

There are formal portraits, portraits of babies, portraits of workers on the job, candid portraits, models, and the list goes on. The possibilities are so varied that we must narrow the topic to something manageable. For the sake of this project, the subject will be children.

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classic formal
The photo above is a casual portrait. It was probably not posed, but the photographer did consider the lighting - very soft, which is appropriate for children - and managed the background to keep distractions to a minimum.

The portrait to the left is a classic studio portrait. Everything is planned by the photographer: lighting, pose, background. Both photos are treasures for the families of these kids. But the style of photographs you will probably take is most likely to be casual and maybe even candid.

Probably the most often style of children's portraits is candid.That means a portrait taken while the child is doing something and may not even be aware of the photo being taken. A candid portrait, however, is not a snapshot. It is planned by the photographer, and the photographer will control the background  by finding a good point of view to reduce the distractions in the background as well as choosing a point of view that features the child.

The portraits below are candids.  See this website Ten tips
                  baby candid child candid in leaves

This project
is to take a series of portraits of children. A series means six or more good photos. That will  require that you take more than the six since there will be some where the expressions are not particulalry good or the child moved and is not sharp. So plan on taking twenty or more to get six good portraits. Take photos in different situations. Get down to the level of the child. Give the child something to do or include someone else in the portrait the child can relate to. Follow the tips you find in the websites.

Upload six of the best to your Flickr site and then to the class website. 

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