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Black and White photos in the world of photography are consider an art form. Some "art photographers" use black and white film and print silver halite prints on photographic paper the way all photographers did a generation ago. Sometimes the results are breathtaking.

school desks   We won't be doing that; it is an advanced skill that takes a darkroom and many hours of skill building practice. But we can still do black and white photography, and that is what this project is all about.

   Even though your digital camera records images in color, those color images can be changed to black and white. You may be able Old Truck

to do that in your camera, but you can always change color to black and white in a photo editing program like GIMP or Photoshop. The picture at the top of the page was taken in color and converted to black and white in GIMP.

   Whichever way you choose, the results can be just as stunning as pictures made with black and white film - with practice.

   Here's one place to begin learning: Beginners Guide to Black and White Photography.

Her's another:

                Board Walk   N isqually Board

Color and black and white side by side. They each have different appeal, but with black and white you have a choice.

Nisqually Board Walk
all photos by Don Camp

Black and white can also be changed into sepia tones.  Each version creates a different mood.

   Not every picture will make a good black and white picture. Usually the picture needs to have a little more contrast than a color picture. But at times the mood you want to create is softer. Then a touch lower contrast will do it.

   Making a good black and white will take more than the average care in the photo editing.

This is the Project. Set your camera to "monochrome" or to whatever setting will give you a black and white image. Use google to help you with this if you do not know how to do it for your camera.

Take again some of the subjects you have taken for other projects. These should be new pictures. Try to see them in a new way. Post four of the best to Flickr. I expect they will be better than the first time you photographed them.

After you have learned what kinds of pictures make good black and white pictures, use one of the photo editing programs to turn some of your previously taken pictures into black and white images. This can be done in GIMP by going to "color" on the menu and choosing desaturate. The best quality will be achieved by choosing "luminous." You will probably need to use the "curves" tool under "color" to adjust the tones in the picture to get the best range of tones from black blacks to white whites. Play with the settings. Then post four of the best pictures to Flickr.

Finally, write a short paper (less than a page) with your thoughts about using black and white.

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