Semester Final Project #5 | Bible 10 | June 4, 2018

This is an essay. It should be written as an essay, not simply as bullet points answering the various questions.

Do not copy from another student. Copying will cost points for both you and the student you copied.

What did you learn about science and the Bible?

            Your essay should include a discussion of the question of evolution and the Bible.  Your answer should refer to chapter 9 in Know Why You Believe by Paul Little. It is linked on the class website. You may use other sources as well. You may also use information you find on videos such as this one “Science and God    or the one we viewed in class  “The Bible and Science – Facts and Theories.”  You may use sources or videos I have not linked. Give the source of the information if you do.

            Your essay should include a discussion of the caution Paul Little has for Christians when talking to others about origins or evolution.

            Your answer should include a discussion of the origin of the earth and universe. You should include a discussion of how Christians have attempted to understand the Bible teaching about the origin of the earth. Use the handout and chart provided in class and available on the class website. 

            End your essay with your own opinions about the various options discussed in  the sources and the reasons why you choose the option you do.


How much is enough for this answer?  I would expect that you would have to write a 2-3 page paper, typed and doubled spaced. Send your finished essay to me at