Bible Class

Northwest Christian High School, Bible 10, Inductive Bible Study
School year 2017-2018
Instructor: Don Camp

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The Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean Bibles are "easy-to-read" translations. That means the vocabulary and grammar are simple 
 Chinese Bible, book of Ruth
Vietnamese Bible, book of Ruth
Korean Bible, book of Ruth
We will use an English Bible in class, but you may read homework assignments from a Bible in your own language.

God's Good Law

Sept. 18. Take notes in your comp book on the topic of Inspiration.
Date the page! 

Sept. 19. Complete the Worktext page 2.2  And the two pages using inductive study principles on Matthew 5:18.   Due Friday

Journal every day.  It is due on Friday.

Inspiration describes how the Bible was written.
The Bible was written by dozens of different people who were moved by God to write and who were led by God what to write.

Induction is a way of reasoning based on evidence.
Looking at the facts or evidence and coming to a conclusion about them.

is the type of writing - for example, story, poem, proverb, etc.

is the verses around the passage you are studying.

Inductive Bible study
Looking at what the Bible says and coming to a conclusion about what it means for us.
We ask:
What does it say
What does it mean?
What should I do?