Bible Class
Northwest Christian High School, Bible 10, Inductive Bible Study
School year 2017-2018
Instructor: Don Camp

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Can we prove God is real?
Yes. God has left evidence everywhere.
One of the evidences God has left for us is the fine-tuning of the universe.

If you missed class Monday, please view this video. Quiz Tuesday on the video.

Know Why You Believe
by Paul Little PDF
We will look at the reasons why faith in God makes sense in the weeks before the end of the semester.
Our text will be Paul little's book. You can use the PDF copy to read the chapters assigned.  PDF


Semester finals
are on Jan. 26.
Here's what you should know LINK

Review the topics from the
first quarter HERE

Evidence for God
a slide show HERE

LINK Answers to Real Questions
    A slide show of the answers we've considered in class. ANSWERS

Inductive Study of Matthew 4-7
    A slide show Matthew 4-7
Follow the study here if you miss a day or need to review.

Inductive Study of Matthew 8
     A slide show Matthew 8

Inductive Study of Matthew 13
A slide show Matthew 13


Map Example LINK

Matthew 13 Study Guide LINK

"Does God Exist?" handout  Jan. 9 LINK

"Designed for Life" handout Jan. 9. LINK

Questions & Answers Period 5 LINK
Questions and Answers #2 Period 5 LINK
Questions & Answers Period 6 LINK
Questions and Answers #2 Period 6 LINK

Diagram of origin models from Naturalism to Young Earth Creationism. Origins

For older downloads click on this LINK


Reminder: Complete the map that identifies places for the events that happen in Matthew. Place the location on the map if it is not there already. Find a picture that shows the place. Place the picture on the border of the map and include a short explanation of what happened there, then draw a line from the location on the map to the picture. See an example in downloads.  Due on Jan. 23.

Finish reading the Gospel of Matthew by Jan. 23.

Jan. 17
Use the study guide for Matthew 13 and summarize the parables using the Inductive Bible Study steps. Due Jan. 19

Jan. 9
Read the handout "Designed for Life." Write your reaction to the ideas and facts presented. This should be at least 150 words, type written. Due Thursday, Jan. 11.

Jan. 4

Read the rest of chapter 2 in Paul Little's book Know Why You Believe by Monday. Begin with the section "Order and Design in the Universe". PDF Write a one sentence summary of each of the four sub heading. Write a one sentence question you have regarding each of the sub headings. Due Monday, Jan, 8.

For past assignments click on this LINK

Click on the LINK for the page with definitions

Cosmological Argument    Teleological Argument
Anthropic Principle     Intelligent Design     Fine-tuning
    Naturalism    Methodological Naturalism    Parable
   Manuscript    Text    Vernacular   Reliability
Inspiration  Induction    Genre    Context