Bible Class
Northwest Christian High School, Bible 10, Inductive Bible Study
School year 2017-2018
Instructor: Don Camp

Syllabus        Class Schedule                                                                                                  Mr. Camp's "This I Believe" Page

Read the Bible in Chinese, Vietnamese or Korean at

Quarter 3 Test, March 21.
Prepare by reviewing the study guides fort Matthew 15-19. There will be questions on the test where you can demonstrate your skill at inductive Bible study.

Study the chart on the different ways Christians deal with creation.

You will need to know the words and terms at the bottom of the page.

You will need to know several of the ways the Jesus myth fails. Use the slide show RATIONAL FAITH.

You will need to how Jesus was God who showed up so we could examine him.
Use the RATIONAL FAITH slide show for this.

You will need to know what the evidence for the resurrection is.
Use chapter 4 from the book Know Why You Believe for this.

There will be a memory verse on the test for Period 5. Ephesians 6:11,12.



"Rational Faith"  a slide show that covers the ideas in this part of our study RATIONAL FAITH

Papers and articles relating to Rational Faith:

Chart of how Christians have merged the evidence from science and the Bible Creation account  Creation Chart

My own attempt to bring the biblical account of creation and the facts from science together Creation Days

Messiah, the book we are using in our study of Matthew LINK You will need to use this book in review for the Quarter 3 Test,Mar. 21.

The Jesus myth debated:  LINK
The Jesus Myth has become the greatest challenge
to our faith in the last 20 years.
We need to understand where it goes wrong.

"Resurrection" Myths vs the Resurrection  of Jesus - Osirus LINK

The book Know Why You Believe LINK
Chapter 4, "Did Christ Rise from the Dead?"


Solid Faith
Download the page LINK
Matthew 19 Study Guide LINK
Matthew 18 Study Guide LINK
Matthew 17 Study Guide LINK
Matthew 16 Study Guide LINK
Matthew 15 Study Guide LINK


Mar. 2
Read the Creation and Science Chart.  LINK Be able explain New Earth Creation and Old Earth Creation in some detail.

Feb. 26
Read the first chapter in Know Why You Believe. Finish reading by Wednesday, Feb. 28. Expect a quiz.

Feb. 21
Read Chapter 19 from Messiah and complete the chapter 19 Study Guide. Due Feb. 23

Feb. 8
Read Chapter 18 from Messiah and complete the chapter 18 Study Guide. Due Feb. 13

Feb. 7
Use the Study Guide for chapter 17 to complete your study.
LINK Due Feb. 9

Feb. 5
Use the Study Guide for chapter 16 to complete your study.
LINK  Due Feb. 6 in class.

Feb. 2
Use the Study Guide for Matthew 15 to complete the study of Matthew 15. Due Monday.  Download the Study Guide

Jan. 30

Read chapter 15 from the book Messiah. List and explain (one sentence would be adequate) how the responses of the different groups of people are either similar or different from each other.

Highlight the verse where you find that described.



Young Earth Creation          Old Earth Creation
Intelligent Design
Naturalism    Theism    Rational Faith
Jesus Myth         Old Testament history myth         metanarrative