Bible Class
Northwest Christian High School, Bible 10, Inductive Bible Study
School year 2017-2018
Instructor: Don Camp

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Welcome to Semester 2 

Matthew 14 and 15 video

Know Why You Believe
by Paul Little PDF
We will look at the reasons why faith in God makes sense in the weeks before the end of the semester.
Our text will be Paul little's book. You can use the PDF copy to read the chapters assigned.  PDF



Messiah, the book we are using in our study of Matthew LINK

Inductive Study of Matthew 13
A slide show Matthew 13


Matthew 18 Study Guide LINK
Matthew 17 Study Guide LINK
Matthew 16 Study Guide LINK
Matthew 15 Study Guide LINK

Feb. 8
Read Chapter 18 from Messiah and complete the chapter 18 Study Guide. Due Feb. 13 LINK

Feb. 7
Use the Study Guide for chapter 17 to complete your study.
LINK Due Feb. 9

Feb. 5
Use the Study Guide for chapter 16 to complete your study.
LINK  Due Feb. 6 in class.

Feb. 2
Use the Study Guide for Matthew 15 to complete the study of Matthew 15. Due Monday.  Download the Study Guide

Jan. 30

Read chapter 15 from the book Messiah. List and explain (one sentence would be adequate) how the responses of the different groups of people are either similar or different from each other.

Highlight the verse where you find that described.