Bible Class
Northwest Christian High School, Bible 10, Inductive Bible Study
School year 2017-2018
Instructor: Don Camp

Syllabus                                                                                                                                  Mr. Camp's "This I Believe" Page

Semester Final Projects
1. What did you learn about Jesus? LINK
2. What did you learn about the process of inductive Bible study #1? LINK
3. What did you learn about the problem of evil in the world? LINK
4. What did you learn about inductive Bible study #2?  LINK
5. What did you learn about the Bible and science? LINK


"Rational Faith"  a slide show that covers the ideas in this part of our study RATIONAL FAITH

Messiah LINK  use this book to complete several of the final assignments.

The book Know Why You Believe LINK
Chapter 9 "Do Science and Scripture Agree?"

Inductive Bible study and narratives (a brief slide presentation) LINK


An example of inductive Bible study LINK

Did God Really Do That? (The exodus) 

Is God Good? LINK

Matthew 21 Study Guide LINK

Heaven and Hell

Matthew 20 Study Guide LINK


May 2
After we have viewed The Hiding Place, write a one page paper, double spaced typed. discussing how and why Corrie changed. Contrast her attitudes before the experience with those later. Give specific details about what events were important in her change. Due Tuesday May 8.

April 19
Classwork: Complete the study guide for Matthew 21.

April 10
Classwork: Complete the study Guide for Matthew 20.
Due today.

April 9
Do some thinking about people you know who are good leaders.
1. Write a paper of 1/2 to 1 pages typewritten double spaced about the person and why you consider him or her a good leader.
2. Read Matthew chapter 20 and list the qualities Jesus considers important in a leader. Include the list in your paper.
3. React to these ideas and explain what is good about Jesus' "leader" and what you don't thin k would work today. Write about 1/2 page.
Due Thursday, April 12.

Mar 28
Read the rest of chapter 9 from the book Know Why You Believe. Answer questions 4-6 on the sheet of questions. Due March 28. If you do not have the list of questions, you can both read the chapter and find the questions by following this LINK
The questions are found at the end of the book, p. 223.


Young Earth Creation          Old Earth Creation
Intelligent Design
Naturalism    Theism    Rational Faith
Jesus Myth         Old Testament history myth         metanarrative 
God of the Gaps