This is a project based class. You will be expected to complete at least one project each week from the projects listed on the website. Some of those projects are required. Others are projects of your choice allowing you to explore new techniques and develop skills in photographing subjects that interest you. 

The required projects and due dates will be list here.

Semester 2
Begins Jan. 28
Project Due Date Instructions
Project: "How To..." Story
Feb. 8
Create a google slide show to teach a skill or process.
Project: Choice
Feb. 25 
Choose and complete a project from the class website.
Project  "Time Lapse" 
March 8
Create a time lapse video from both still photos and videos.
Project Choice
March 29  (This project will be graded in the 4th quarter)
Choose and complete a project from the class website.
Project: Display your Photo Art
April  22
Print, mount, and display two of your best photos.
Community Service Day

April 24
Create a video that tells the story of the school's community service.
Spring Field Trip
April 29 Collect nature photos on the field trip and create a collage for display.
Project Choice

Semester 2 Final Project  June 3
To be presented on June 3 and June 8

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