Around the House

Your home is filled with things that would be visually interesting and even beautiful if you could only see them. But most of us don't see them. They are too ordinary. This project asks you to begin to see what is around you in you own home.

Perhaps the best way to begin to see is to look through the eyes and lenses of others. So here are a few pictures.

 kitchen Mundane
Flickr photo by Angela Beck

Flickr photo by Don Camp

Flickr photo by Julie Aragon Blanchard

This project asks you to look around your home for the ordinary things which if you isolate them from the whole scene by seeing them through your camera can turn out to be really pretty interesting. You can take pictures of things as you find them, or you can move things around to get a better picture.

Take one picture in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, one in your bedroom and one in the living room. Then do two more in  whatever room you like. Be creative with light, but do not use the flash on your camera. Look for interesting points of view.

Upload all six to Flickr. 

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