The aperture of a lens is the opening through which light enters the camera. As in the picture of a lens to the left, it can be lagers or smaller. The larger it is, the more light gets through. The smaller,the less light gets through.

But it is not just a matter of the light because the aperture affect how fast the shutter speed must be to make a well exposed picture and what the depth of field will be in a picture.

Some of those terms will be strange to you. Read about aperture in this web site.

What Is Aperture?

Here's a video that explains aperture very simply, but it doesn't show you examples as the web page does.
So here's another video that shows you what different apertures can do.

This project asks you to explore the creative possibilities of controlling aperture. Set the ISO of your camera to 400. Then create several sets of pictures showing how aperture can control the depth of field. Upload them to your Flickr site.

Then use the aperture to control the shutter speed in a set of pictures that stop the action of a moving subject and blur the movement in a moving subject. Upload them to your Flickr site.

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