The Story of Jesus According to Matthew

        by Don R. Camp, M Div

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Messiah is a handbook and commentary on the Gospel of Matthew. It includes a new paraphrase/translation by the author making Matthew more readable to students. The commentary focuses on the theme of the book, the Messiah and the Kingdom of Heaven, but also engages some of the puzzles that readers have found in the book, such as the star of Bethlehem and Matthew's use of Old Testament prophecies. There are study guides for ecah chapter that may be downloaded from the link below. 

Study Guides

Articles related to the Gospel of Matthew
 Authorship of the Gospel
Differing Birth Narratives in Matthew and Luke
The Nativity Story (Matthew and Luke)
Matthew's Other Name, Levi
The Guards-at-the-Tomb Lie


The artwork for each chapter was selected from old Masters and for the artists' special insight into the moment in the life of Jesus each artist depicted. Color images can be enjoyed along with a brief profile of the artist and his art on this page ART.

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